Happy Memorial Weekend

My Sunday was super rough - I woke up with my period two days early with excruciating cramps with a swollen, aching wisdom tooth growing in. Not fun at all! My brother was really good with me though and sent his friend off to take him to the store to buy me some things.

This morning a white spider attacked me in the bedroom twice so I asked Joe (brother) to switch with me so I took the air mattress and finally fell asleep around 3am. The AC was left on and the blinds to the balcony were left open, so I was woken up at 5:20ish by the sunrise and the freezing cold atmosphere. Then my allergies acted up, so I've been awake ever since! I had a nice day with my close friend Amanda at her college meeting everyone, but boy am I tired.

A tired me! I don't know why there are black dots randomly all over my face.

From my balcony. I went outside to get some air around 7a when my allergies were getting out of hand.

I took a walk, too.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Thank you to all the service men and women past, present, and future who have served, currently serve, and will serve our country. It's a blessing and I'm so grateful for the daily sacrifices these brave individuals had/do/will make. Make sure you thank those you know who are courageous and fighting for everything we take for granted.

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