Product Review: WholeSoy & Co.

As a vegan, I'm a bit limited in yogurt companies. Sure - endless possibilities elsewhere, but it seems that nobody wants to tackle yogurt these days. I used to be a huge fan of all Silk products. But after accidentally discovering a new vegan-friendly yogurt company because I was tight on money, I'll pass on Silk's yogurts.

I honestly hate bananas and this is my favourite one! One great thing about vegan yogurt in general is that it usually has a bit of a long shelf life - anywhere from a few days to a month and a half.

WholeSoy & Co. is a very light eat but it's filling at the same time. Not only are the yogurts vegan-friendly, but they're all casein/whey/cholesterol free and friendly for celiacs (aka no gluten). The calorie intake depends on which flavour you're eating, but I haven't seen one more than 180.

The price depends, but I can find the yogurts anywhere from $.97 to $1.55, so they can be more expensive than Silk sometimes. I prefer this company because the taste is better, you get real chunks of the fruit they use in the yogurt (but it's not overpowering -- I don't like chunky yogurt, EW), and it just tastes healthier. They have a variety of flavours - key lime (don't recommend that one - go to Silk for key lime), blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, strawberry & banana, wild berry, cherry.

Check out more information at their website!

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