Patriarchical Crap and Sexual Assault "Prevention"

I'm feeling a bit femmy this afternoon. I don't have much time for searching new sites and often I don't get pulled into the hype of social networking, such as Twitter and Pinterest and all of those. However, today I decided to see what StumbleUpon was about, and was met with this:

Well isn't that cute? Tell me, StumbleUpon -- what is feminine and masculine? If I pressed that my gender expression was societally masculine, would you have recommended me pages about naked girls, cars, whatever? No, you probably would have recommended me to things of importance - literature, health, science. Even though the site does give the option to choose your interests, I feel like this is more subtle socialization, because - as the site admits - whatever gender I choose decides what kind of articles I "stumble" across.

It really infuriated me a bit because there is no such thing as a man's subject or a woman's subject. Gender expression isn't one-sided nor is it determinable outside of social norms. I'm very much turned off from this site already, but I will suggest to take a look at this article below.

It definitely says something about how women are told to watch their backs, as if its our responsibility to prevent creeps from assaulting us.

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