Product Review: Tofutti's 'Yours Truly' Cones

As a vegan, I usually get the question, "Wait - you can't have [x] right?" And I am usually met with surprised looks when I reveal to 'normal' eaters that vegans can have almost anything that others can -- as long as it's modified a bit.

I have even met vegans that are unaware of the guilty pleasures we can still indulge in - all while being slaughter-free!

One of my favourite ice cream treats are Tofutti's Yours Truly ice cream cones.

I recently went to my health food store to do a shopping run, and I was pleased to find that Tofutti has given a little more variety to their flavours. The options (that I'm aware of) are a vanilla cone with a chocolate topping (like seen above), a vanilla cone with a carmel filling and chocolate topping, and the above chocolate cone with a chocolate syrup filling and chocolate topping.

The cones are around five inches tall and thin, but they're light, fluffy, and filling! Not to mention taste lovely. They're 100% vegan and you should be able to buy them at any health food store near you; Whole Foods should definitely have them and your local health food stores, but I'm not positive to Trader Joe's as they often cater to vegetarians and regular ice cream meets that criteria. Otherwise, Tofutti has a list on their website of stores that should carry their product [here]. My health food store sells them for $5.99 but also offers a 20% off coupon on the entire purchase - so really, I only ended up paying about $4.79.

Try looking on to see what stores you have in your area and to see if they offer coupons.

Tofutti is a very reputable vegan-friendly company and their website is really fun! They've got listings for different recipes that I plan to try out and will, of course, post. If there are any questions, feel free to contact me and ask away!

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