De-Packing the Rat

I have a serious issue with being a packrat.

But I swear it's not my fault.

I have a photographic memory and generally I can remember all the associated events with the things that I have, the papers from school that I've horded, and the dozens of penguin stuffed animals that I refuse to give away. So it tends to be quite hard for me to part ways with things.

But lately, God's really been putting it on my heart to humble myself to to de-clutter. Actually, I've been praying about decluttering a LOT of things in my life - relationships, emotions, and of course my physical belongings.

I've been reading a lot more lately. Mostly Christian literature and listening to Christian music as a part of my 30-day challenge (which is HARD for me - yes, I listen to a lot of Francesca Battistelli and Sanctus Real and such already, but I'm a diehard Beatles fan. I love Sherwood, Mayday Parade, Queen, etc. So that's been a struggle ). It's been really inspiring.

So I want to revamp my life. And I'm starting with my physical packrat of a mess.
It's time to depack the rat in my life.

This curtain hides tons of boxes... :x

I have a serious amount of boxes packed of stuff and a few days ago I went through half of them and I plan to try and tackle the rest today. I even got my dad and brother involved and we have so many clothes and items that we don't use or need. I'm donating it to the local Good Will :) I'm excited about it!

One step closer to mess-free Elise! Once this is done I want to try to revamp my relationships, one at a time.

P.S.  This post is a part of Weekend Wanderings.

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