One is A Lonely Number

I feel like a prepubescent whiney teenager again. Oscar left yesterday morning and already it's been a hard adjustment.

I sincerely believe that university is making me codependent.

Though that probably began in high school because Noel and I spent at least some part of every day together, between school and the whole "we live two minutes away from each other" thing. (Which probably is what made him go bat crazy when I left for university... but a lot of that, I feel, is my fault.)

But seriously. I had three roommates at one point! Maria, my actual roommate; Jomar, who was Maria's boyfriend at the time; and Oscar - it was like camping out in our room every night. And then I come home and it's culture shock because nobody is in my room; and then Oscar stays here for over two weeks and now I'm alone again and -not coping-.

I'll totally get over this feeling though, I know. I'm just whining right now. I wish I had a job to occupy my time; I really miss university. But on a brighter note I began exercising again today and I feel amazing!

Photos from Tuesday; our last day together!

My skinny-mini doing... awkward sliding.

My glasses tint in the sunlight.

Those chicken thingies I saw on my last Date with God!

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