The Good, Bad, and *Super* Ugly

A fellow blogger from New Jersey is sponsoring a Link Up based on a little concept called "GBU" - or the Good, Bad, and Ugly about your weekend or something going on in your life. I think it's really cute and since the title of this post sincerely wraps up my weekend, I figured I'd go for it! The LinkUp is posted under the "Helpers" section, or you can just go find Kate.

The Good

one -- This cute little ice cream lover was supposed to go home this morning to Brooklyn, but due to schedule conflicts with my father's work, he isn't leaving until at least tomorrow night or Wednesday morning. God's looking out for my heart, for sure - but it makes me think God's doing this to gently let me down in July in that Oscar won't be making a weekend trip here.
two -- I'm undergoing a 30-Day Christian Music Challenge. 30 days of only-Christian radio, Pandora, and iPod music. I'm really excited about it! I tested it mostly for the weekend and I feel amazing already. But today is my official Day 1!

The Bad

one -- Those pancakes Oscar and I made? FILLED ME UP. He pressured me into eating with him later that night (I'd also had noodles earlier in the day) and I felt sick for the better half of the night and following morning. Yuck!
two -- I missed all three of the graduation parties I was *supposed* to attend this weekend. I couldn't get to Mark's because he lives so far away and I couldn't get a ride (though found out somebody could have taken me but they told me before that they weren't going, gr); couldn't get to Ashley's or Tom's because we went to LBI with my dad Sunday morning and my dad rarely has off days and didn't realize we'd planned this for the sunday of both graduation parties. We didn't get home until 7 and Ashley didn't answer my text and then I discovered my two "super uglies" below which prevented me from attending Tom's. AND I missed church!

The *Super* Ugly

one -- I got pretty epic sunburn in very awkward places Sunday. I thought I did really well with covering myself up but apparently not. Oscar got it really bad too because he wouldn't listen to me about putting more sunscreen on. Ouch ouch ouch!
two -- Mother nature came a week early. NOT HAPPY.

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