Soldier Signing On

(Most of) my Youth Group

Yesterday my Youth Group surprised our friend Victor at his hotel. Victor just graduated high school and has enlisted in the U.S. Army - he leaves today to begin training.

I've known plenty of people to enlist in the military, but only one close friend Tiff left that touched my heart on a deeper note. And with how close I am to Victor, I'm really struggling. But I know that God has amazing plans for his life and will bring him home safely.

We went to the Golden Corral - WHICH IS NOT OKAY FOR VEGANS, BTW - and all spent the afternoon together and signed a Soldier's Bible for Victor to read and keep close by his side. He was really touched and there are SO many pictures with him. I only took a few but I'll steal some from my friend Alyssa and from my Youth Leader Tim, lol!

Victor and I

A really cool thing happened, too. Our waitress stopped our Youth Leaders and asked them about our church and for information. She was so touched at our praying together and how we treated one another that she wants to come see our church! How AWESOME is that? God is good!

Whether you pray or not, please keep Victor in your thoughts and prayers. I already miss him dearly. He was the first person from my friends AND church (beside my father and now-ex Noel who I see as family) to contact me when I left for college and we weren't even as close then. I'm going to be writing him way too much!

Oscar and Victor

Oscar and I earlier in the day

Victor with our Youth Leaders Tim & Jess and their
three daughters Maci (baby), Kassidy (sunglasses), and

Victor with most of the boys. Left to right:
Back row: Oscar, Mark, Victor, Andrew, Jordan,
Charles // Front row: Dante, Mikey, Tim

Oscar and I with a few of the girls... Yuck, period weight :(

Victor looking at his Soldier's Bible

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