Daniel's A Trip

Today I spent the day with my friend Amanda at the Previglian's house. Jess and Dave P are two of our Youth Leaders and they have a three year old named Daniel and a 1.5 year old named Madison (or Maddie). I watched them a bit with Amanda before we watched Courageous - which I'm going to post about probably on Monday, STICK AROUND FOR THAT! - and went to Jenny's house for her graduation party.

It was such an interesting and lively day with Daniel. He's such a trip. For example, whenever one of us girls tries to discipline him, he holds up his hands and says "WHOA, WHOA! Relax. Stop yelling at me." (Which is hilarious frustrating.) Then today, he asked, "Is a bunny a bug?" after he spent chasing it. Then he asked me to look at him after I put on a bit of mascara, then he started CRACKING up and said "Oh my GOSH, you're eyes are just BEAUTIFUL" as he laughed. Too cute. He also calls anyone who is a Yankees fan a "foul ball." LOL.

It was so nice to spend time with him, Maddie, and Amanda. Maddie's the only baby that I like because she's quiet. It was also nice to see Jenny because I miss her and she lives quite far, so I only see her sometimes at church. Photos!

Maddie. She woudn't smile at me ALL day but she has the cutest smile ever.


Daniel. I can't find the other photo of him.

Maddie! Isn't she a cute little chunk?

Amanda and I

Jenny and I. Isn't she GORGEOUS? I hate this photo for two reasons.
First, my belt on my shorts was tied so it looks like I have a gut;
And second, my head looks abnormally long.

Hey guys!

Praying mantis :)

Dave feeding Maddie strawberries, too cute

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