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Warning non-Believers: Christian post ( still worth reading! )

I saw a facebook post the other night and it really spoke to me. I recently shared it with my Youth Group and I wanted to share it here because as a Christian, it was one of those things that was like "Whoa. That's kind of awesome."

To paraphrase, the status said, "Why do you always look for an empty spot when you already have a reserved parking location?" The person who posted the status frequently posts Christian blurbs, so I was excited to see another one.

How awesome is that thought, though? So often in life, we search for our place to fit in and our path to travel on. As humans we are embedded with the desire to understand the meaning of life, the calling that we've been given. Christians and non-Christians alike struggle with this issue: where do I belong?

In Matthew 26:64 (fun fact: Matthew is presently my favourite book in the Bible), Jesus is being tried for his supposed crimes and the declaration that He is the Messiah. Jesus replies to the High Priest, "But I say to all of you: From now on you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven."

Right there. As a Christian, my place isn't spoken any clearer than the word of Jesus Christ. My eternal place is already marked. I may feel lonely and I may feel like I don't know what God wants for my life. But I can feel secure in knowing that I no longer have to "roam the parking lot" for an empty place. I have a place at the right hand of the Father and that is an awesome, awesome feeling.

My purpose and my calling in life are to serve my God. I can safely park in my place because I am secure in my eternal future, even if my present life is a mess of confusion, haha. :) Food for though, for sure.

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