Sunday Social

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Q: What is your favourite store to shop at?
A: Quite frankly, I don't have many! I'm broke! I like JCPenney because I get 25% discount because my dad works there, hehe, and I love Target and Walmart for school things. Clothing wise I enjoy Plato's Closet and Good Will because you can find amazing things at both and it's cheap cheap for people like me who are broke broke.

Q: If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
A: I have NO idea. I'm not into designer brands.

Q: Must have closet staple?
A: Probably a waist belt. They can make the baggiest shirts look awesome!

Q: Favorite kind of shoes? (brand or type)
A: Flip-flops! I'm such a street rat.

Q: Best clothing deal you've ever gotten?
A: Ummm... I got a really cozy pair of Aero yoga pants that were originally priced above $20 for $2?

Q: Style you'd love to try?
A: Berets and hats. They look so cute! But I have an awkward face.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Social

  1. I practically live in flip flops! They are just fabulous!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. SO glad I'm not the only one, haha! Likewise :)

  2. Girl, I live in Plato's and Goodwill too :) Yah for being cheap!

    1. Hallelujah! It's a beautiful thing getting more for less ;)

  3. I am so broke as a joke as well and I love Target and Forever 21! Goodwill is always good too!

  4. Plato's has so many good finds!

    come over and visit :)

    have a great day!

    1. Love Plato's! Have a good one :) ♥


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