Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 11

Linking up at Life of Love for day eleven! Wow, there's only four more days left. I'll be sad about that one.

[Day 11]: What's one thing that you would never change about yourself?

Oh gosh, this one is so tough. For somebody who has a hard time spewing positive things about herself, I find it difficult to choose one quality that I wouldn't change. I really want to say "what I've been through" as a person, because it's truly molded me into the strong, independent, and caring woman that I am today. Or my inner drive, because my motivation and my fire are absolutely untouchable.

But I'm going to pin the rose on my excitement and love for life (yes, that is one thing and not two... shhh). I can have thunder, lightning, and hail all coming down on my metaphorical parade and still get absolutely bat crazy giddy over a heart shaped potato; seeing a cute icanhazcheezburger photo on my news feed; finding a quarter in the grass; a floating white fuzzy thing that comes off of a plant and soars in the sky; or watching little piggies conquer their fears of the staircase in order to obtain oatmeal (can you tell I have specific incidents in mind? Lol!).

Nothing deters my love and passion for the world around me. The little things excite me more than anything else. I appreciate absolutely everything that I almost feel as if it's a childlike naivety and enjoyment. My heart is so open and big to everyone and everything that God throws my way. All of the joys that many find insignificant fill my heart up with happiness and love.

I think this is an amazing quality I have. I'm impressed that I can still look at the tiny things and feel like I'm watching something huge. I'm grateful that I can stare at something others find quite ugly and absolutely marvel at its wonder and beauty. God blessed me with a portion of His eyes and I'm truly thankful. I've been through so much in my life that I'd never want anyone else to experience, and it's hard to believe how much I can still appreciate. But I do, and I love it. I love life. I'm excited by life.

10 thoughts on “Fifteen Day Challenge: Day 11

  1. I love this! Send some my way. Part of my being comfortable is that I don't get batshit crazy excited about much. I may be excited and joyous but I am hardly ever explosive and giddy, and wish I could be more often!

  2. YES Bridges, man that sounds so much better than hip-thrusts! :) ha.
    I LOVE your quality that you would never change, it is beautiful, just as you are! :) :) :)
    Also, i saw when you commented that you're a no-reply blogger...boooo that means i can't email you back on your comments!
    This blogger wrote a post on how to fix that.

  3. I absolutely love your view on life. It's truly inspiring! You're pretty awesome, lady :)

  4. That is a wonderful characteristic! Being able to delight in the small things and the things that others don't even notice--that's the best way to love life as much as possible!

  5. Great trait! It's definitely an amazing quality to have!

  6. That is such a wonderful quality- never EVER change! :)

  7. Love this!! I wish I could get more excited about things sometimes. I might be super crazy excited inside but I have a hard time expressing it on the outside.

  8. What an amazing quality to have!! Maybe you can send some of it my way?? :)

    Also, that video of the pig trying to get to the oatmeal is one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my entire life!

  9. Love when people find joy in little things! I bet it makes you really fun to be around :)

  10. Love it that you are finding your way. :)Such a great post, don't ever change those qualities about yourself.


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