It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay...

To be concerned about the people who persecute me.

To buy (vegan) cookie dough ice cream when I'm trying to lose weight and tone up.

To get two hours of sleep and look the way I do when going to pick my guy up from the train station.

To not wear a bra around my house because HONESTLY, WHO IS LOOKING!?

To obsess over one day owning a sugar glider family.

To sit around all day and listen to music and talk to God.

To stare at my dad when he thinks a waiter is hitting on him because the waiter drew a ketchup smiley face in a bowl and gave it to him (this is part of their job; we all got one).

To procrastinate reading 200 articles for my Feminisms class.

To be doing this instead of getting ready to leave.

To delete immature facebook comments so that younger kids on your page don't get exposed to hateful words.

To laugh at yourself when you trip over a dust ball.

To freak out in the car when a green head invades your personal space.

To realize this is my fiftieth post, woot woot!


2 thoughts on “It's OK Thursday

  1. Yay for 50 posts!! My best friend had 2 sugar gliders and little did he know that one was preggo! The babies were too cute! I love just sitting around listening to music and talking to God. Those are the best days! Happy Thursday! Stopping by from the link up!
    XO Anna


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