Fifteen Day Challenge: Days 1 & 2

Several people that I'm following are participating in this Link-Up, so I figured - why not? Fifteen Day Challenge but I'm a tad late, so here are days 1 and 2 in one post! (wow, I'm posting so much today! I feel good.)

[Day 1:] List fifteen fun facts about yourself!

  • I secretly envy the women on "Extreme Couponing." I wish I could be as thrifty as they are! I love coupons. I'm so cheap.

  • I pretty much refuse to eat with what I call "big spoons" (tablespoons and larger). I only eat with "little spoons" (teaspoons) and I honestly freak out when people use up my spoons. OCD much.
  • I was named after "A Letter to Elise" by the Cure. My friend learned it on guitar and sang it for my birthday... about five months after my birthday had passed.
  • I used to suffer from really bad social anxiety as a child. I couldn't talk to anyone without getting nervous, especially employees at stores, so now I'm overly determined to find things on my own before I ask for help. Luckily, my anxiety levels are low nowadays.
  • The university I am attending was my safety school. I was accepted into a few universities, but
    besides the many perks that came with the school itself, one of the reasons I ended up at UA was because I couldn't decide on any of the other offers

  • I wear the same jewelry pretty much every day. I only wear things that people have given to me aka hold sentimental value. I've bought myself a bracelet or two here and there over the years but nothing holds.
  • Everyone I know says that I talk too fast. I always reply with "No, you just listen too slow," but at this stage in my life I'm beginning to wonder.
  • I'm editing my friend Gabbie's book. It's fantasy so it's hard for me to get into, as that is one of the few genres I refuse to read, but I enjoy working with her.
  • I'm insanely attracted to left-handed individuals. I have no idea why. I'm abidextrous myself depending on the surface, what I'm doing, et cetera. (Feel free to ask about that, I get called weird often!)
  • I think I want "Hundred More Years" by Francesca Battistelli to be the song that I dance with my father to at my wedding. Oh, but I don't think I'll get married.
  • I kind've live in flip-flops. It has not served me well, I'm afraid - a year of obsessive exercising in them and generally walking around in them for always has given me flat feet.
  • I hatehatehatehatehatehatehate the font Comic Sans MS, or whatever it is. I think it looks so tacky and one of my friends purposely uses it when she talks to in emails.


  • I am frequently complimented on the neatness of my handwriting.
  • Lyrically, my favourite song is "In My Life" by The Beatles.
  • I mostly Italian. Runner up is Croatian, followed by small percentages of French and German.
[Day 2]: Write (a few of) your six-word memoir(s).

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One thoughts on “Fifteen Day Challenge: Days 1 & 2

  1. People frequently tell me I talk too fast too! I can't help it if my brain moves quickly... ;)

    Thanks for linking up! I love "In My Life"!


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