Good, Bad, and Ugly: Week 2!

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The GoodI had quite a nice weekend. Yesterday I went to church for the first time in a while and got a few cute things at Plato's Closet, though not everything I originally picked out! I got to spend that time with my friend Amanda and later I had dinner with ex/friend Noel. I'm also kicking into overdrive with editing my friend Gabbie's book. Her publisher wants her manuscript in a week (originally we had another month to do this) so we're both scrambling to complete her first book which is roughly 300 pages. She said she would pay me, which is nice as I can't find a job.

The Bad: My sunburn from my last GBU post mostly faded to a tan except for the huge blotch on my chest. I'm really terrified that it will permanently scar me. Also, Amanda lost her phone/it was stolen while we were in Plato's Closet :( And although I was really happy to see Noel yesterday, it was uncomfortable and we didn't know how to act around one another.

The Ugly: My financial aid packet is really funky for school right now. It's only coming up with $6k in scholarships ... meaning that I am missing about $15k in grants and loans. I'm hoping it will be fixed by Wednesday otherwise I have to call. If I can't get it fixed then I have to transfer home. >.<

4 thoughts on “Good, Bad, and Ugly: Week 2!

  1. Oh no, I hope everything works out with your financial aid! Trying to figure that out is always stressful. :/

    1. Thank you. I don't even know how to feel about it. I hope it gets resolved quickly!

  2. Not fun to have to move home once you've had your independence! Hope it all turns out okay.


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