Theme Park Boycott

It's the truth. I hate them.
Well, hate's a strong word.
I hate hate hate hate hate loathe them, then.
I normally boycott them.
Like, will not go, sorry love you lots, boycott.

My Youth Group goes on an event called Destination Unknown every summer.
It's awesome because we're told how much money to bring and how to dress.
That's it.
Then our Youth Leaders take us wherever. It's always a trip to bond.
Last year we had a scavenger hunt at a zoo (my team won it), then took a ferry over to the Delaware beach.
We're all big kids (there's quite a few of us that are in college now), so we loved it.

This year, however, we went to Six Flags.
I brought my friend Gabbie, and I did 'enjoy' myself, but overall.. Not so much.
I sound really selfish, and I know that.
I just can't help it.
Fun fact is that my dad recently lost one of his jobs.
Sooo the money I spent to go and stand there holding bags - with the exception
of going on two rides, because two other ones everyone was too anti-height to go on with me - wasn't really money I had to waste.
I'm totally thankful for the time with everyone and that Gabbie might start coming to YG and church.
That's a huge, huge blessing!

But I was so worn out this morning, I couldn't even move to get out of bed.
Bad Elise, missed church.
I did get two pretty photos that I will share with you all.

One of the swing rides.

El Toro. Isn't this a gorgeous shot?

Here's a bunch of us (no where near all of us). Can you spot me trying
not to keel over?

Anyone else share in my Theme Park Boycott?

One thoughts on “Theme Park Boycott

  1. I don't boycott them, but I don't think they're worth the ridiculous amounts of money it costs to get in. When I'm at one, I enjoy myself a lot and I do like it once I'm there. But when you ask what I want to do this weekend, theme parks never come to mind. I can think of too many better ideas that are less expensive and more fun.


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