Childhood meets Adulthood

I keep looking at old photos of me from childhood.
The very few that I actually have to reflect from.
And I realize that I am a miserable person.
Well. I was a miserable child.

(No, I don't know WHO I'm holding.)

(Wasn't my natural colour pretty?)

Nowadays I'm pretty sure I make an effort to smile.
Not today, because I got two cavities filled with five injections because my stupid tooth wouldn't numb.
But normally, I like to smile.
It feels good.

But I think some things never change.
I get excited over the little things.

Like stuffed animals.

Like stuffed animals. 
Look how hype I am about this doll.
And then fast forward several years later to last December...

Whoa de ja vu. :)

I like that I can see remnants of my childhood in my recent years.
It makes me feel more connected with who I am.
It makes me think about how much I went through overcame in my life.
It makes me love my life and attitude a little more.

I think that's pretty special.
I wish I had more photos of me as a kid.
And videos. There's one from me being seven. SKINNAYYYY.
But VCRs are ultra obsolete when your dad works for a place like Bose.
So who knows if I'll ever see little ol' me at a birthday party in a purple dress ever again.

These pictures are a start, though.

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2 thoughts on “Childhood meets Adulthood

  1. Awwe. Those pictures are so cute!
    My aunt made me a book with some of my baby pictures when I was younger. I'm glad I still have it after all these years :]

  2. I'm glad that you're able to reflect on your life and find the positives in it! You are such an inspiration :)

    Happy Friday!


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