Get Insane About Your Health

So I jumped on the bandwagon of Insanity. I picked a good time, because a lot of my brothers and friends are getting into it so I have people to motivate me. I'm finished week one and feel great.
I have more energy, I'm slimming down, oh -- and can you say jeans-are-too-big? If not, hop to it. Cause I can.

I've been meaning to start the program for a while, but my friend (who completed it already) took a long time to get the burned DVDs to me. I finally decided that I wanted to change my life around,
and stop my yo-yo weight change, so I demanded the DVDs politely - can you do that? - and began.

I have to modify some things because I *do* have bad knees. So with that comes the acceptance that my results won't be necessarily INSANE because it's lower intensity. But you CAN do Insanity, even with knee problems! You just have to know not to sacrifice form; you can't work that hot bod if you're bent over in pain.

Even with modification, I still get a wonderful workout and I notice that I have more energy.
Day two, in my opinion, is the toughest workout. Days four through six aren't bad at all.
My rest day is tomorrow but I'm not really feeling it. (I also had to skip a day to get blood work, so
I technically already *had* my skip day). If I don't begin week two, I might do a Cindy Whitmarsh ab workout or something. I also begin my classes tomorrow (a 1:40p-10p day) so we shall see.

But seriously, if you've been debating, stop the debate. Just do it. Even if it's not Insanity, just do something. Shawn T has a dance series called Rockin Body out that I just torrented... errr, I mean paid for completely! That looks good. I plan to do it after Insanity. If you need motivation, I'm here!

3 thoughts on “Get Insane About Your Health

  1. My irl friend/blog friend does Insanity. I've been meaning to work out more...commuting to school doesn't make that easy. So many excuses here! =P
    Good for you for doing it! <3 Keep it up beautiful friend! :)

  2. About a week ago, I started doing all the math and stuff for my goals and realized that I can reach my goals by the end of this year if I work REALLY hard and actually put effort into them. Since then, I haven't missed a workout and I've been putting in extra time. Like, I've been going hiking with my free time and when I watch TV, I do crunches during the commercials.

    Good luck with Insanity, Elise!
    I might try it soon. :]

  3. I've really been wanting to try Insanity!! I really need something to give me a boost to lose weight. :(


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