Got fruit? Want your kids to eat it?

.... not that I have any children.
BUT -- if you do, this is a good post to read!
And if you don't, like myself, then read anyway to get snack suggestions.

It's a really bad misconception that vegans only eat fruits and veggies.
Maybe if you're dedicated to being raw, but most of us don't fly that far south.
In fact, I don't like a lot of fruits... or vegetables.
And let's face it - your kids probably don't either!

But if you're like me, you know that you *should* buy fruit
and force a few bananas and apples into lunch bags.
And if you're like me, you always end up throwing out most of
your fruit because you either can't motivate yourself
or your children to eat it.

I have a solution though.
For example, I hate bananas.
Always have, probably always will.
But I've been craving them the past year (Body to self: you need potassium!)
and I've been attempting to eat them, but they just. Ew.
So I decided to mix it up a bit,
and you can do the same with your kids (or yourself!...
I don't have to keep backtracking here... right? You get it)!

I decided to chop a few bananas up and pair it with a fruit I like,
such as strawberries.
Both fruit rot quickly, especially if you're a college student with
little time to go out of your way to bag that stuff properly.

"Elise, that won't solve anything.
They'll just pick out the fruit they like."

Oh, on the contrary! You didn't let me finish.
Add cinnamon sugar. Measure it out so you know what kind of calories
you're putting into the mix, and so you can maintain the nutritional value
of the fruits, and mix that all up in there.
Your child is more likely to eat the fruit because they're
tempted by the sugar, and you as the parent won't
have to sit and throw out more and more fruit.
(Likewise, non-parents - let's not be wasteful!)

Now, this might not work for all fruits,
but I can at least vouch for my creation.
Get creative, parents!

One thoughts on “Got fruit? Want your kids to eat it?

  1. yumm! even though i do like bananas and strawberries already this is a great idea haha :)


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